Blog Post # 4

Welcome!  In the last post (, we ventured into the social benefits of cafés and how they nurture a sense of community. We found out that our coffee shops have a unique social climate that allows us to form a sense of community/attachment, encouraging ongoing patronage and loyalty.  This sense of belonging to our favorite café explains why we keep coming back.

Why is this important?  Well, there is a positive correlation between attachment and community.  The result is that we tend to feel better about ourselves and that is a direct, positive benefit for our self-esteem.

For this post, we will go one step further and examine what criteria in general is used to determine that perfect coffee shop community.  For guidance, I referred to one of my one of my favorite feeds by Bill Walsh’s blog (

What sets him apart as an expert?  Well, he has created a database of over the course of 10 years which includes unique coffee shops in the US, Canada and the UK.  We will look at his criteria as noted on his blog, before we put it to the test:

Rating System


Each establishment or coffee is rated by quality and appeal:

Pretty Bad Marks
1+ = poor (avoid)
2+ = ok (not really worth your time)

Fair to Decent Rating
3+ = average (worth a go)
4+ = good (a pleasant experience)

HIGH Accolades
5+ = really good (a fine specimen)
6+ = amazing (huzzah!)


His format is basically the same:


  • Photo of establishment
  • Subject:name of establishment
    WiFi?: yes or no
    Rating:  (based on key above)

He covers the following:

  • interior design of the shop
  • the level of friendliness of the employees
  • price
  • quality

Now that we have some guidelines, we can visit and review a local coffee shop, as promised in my last post.

The Bad Owl


This coffee shop was highly recommended by other coffee blogs.  Before I even looked at the pictures, I was already intrigued by the name.  My curiosity got the best of me so I took a drive to Henderson where they are located.

  • Location: 10575 S Eastern Ave #160, Henderson, NV 89052
  • Hours: 7AM–9:30PM
  • Telephone & Website: (702) 483-3331, badowlcom/
  • Environment/Theme

When you enter, you get the feeling that you are in a Harry Potter story-line with books, newspapers, scarves randomly scattered and suspended from the ceiling (with transparent wire).

The theme is present not only in the design of the shop but in the menu, as well. Where else can you buy Harry Potter’s famous butter brew latte?  If you still feel the need to take the special effects up one notch, you can order nitrogen-infused coffee (which produces something like a white cloud or puffy fog floating over the beverage).  The dark wooden floor and walls make the shop feel cozy.  (I should add that it is rather small with no more than 10 wooden bistro tables and chairs.)



The crowd had a good age mix.  (I went there on a Sunday so I am not sure if this is could explain it.)  The barista was friendly and made small talk with each customer.  The customer service was top notch.

    • Interior Design – exceptional and unique theme which transports the patron to another place.
    • Friendliness – high marks because the employees managed to greet everyone and make small talk while they waited for their orders.
    • Price – the price point is very affordable.
    • Quality – the coffee and the pastry that I sampled garnered a 5.5 out of 6. (The presentation was not perfect and I deducted points for the paper coffee cup which was a little flimsy.)
    • Wi/fi – yes


    My overall rating using Walsh’s criteria – HIGH Accolades
    5+ = really good (a fine specimen)

My Take Away

Overall, I recommend this coffee shop.  Henderson is a bit out of my way, so I can’t say that I will be there weekly.  Nonetheless, my experience was enjoyable and I left the shop with the intention of coming back again.  During my short stop, the coffee shop managed to create a sense of community/attachment and fun vibe.

Upcoming Blog

In my next post, continuing the theme of community and social benefits of coffee shops, we will discover that it can also be the setting to making friends, meeting your true love, or simply someone special.

Until then, take care and enjoy your week!



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